Thursday, June 28, 2012

To & From with Love

To & From With Love is a Asheville based letterpress and design studio specializing in all things party. They design unique and customizable wedding invites. Your invitation design will based on a conversation about your event location, feel, colors, etc. The team will design several proofs for you and your event to choose from and will make any revisions necessary. Shop for invites and read more about this team of multi-cultural designers on their website.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Homewood Wedding

Jane and Phillip's wedding at Homewood in Asheville. You can see more photos from this wedding on Two Ring Studios blog.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Asheville Time Lapse Video

This time lapse video of Asheville's beautiful mountain scenery creates an outdoor dreamscape that invokes a sense of wonderment making it a perfect backdrop for your special day. You can share this video with your friends and family on your wedding website and they are sure to be excited to visit Asheville!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Jonas Gerard LIVE Painting Performance

Bring the colors of life, love and passion to your wedding!
Provide a unique experience for your wedding party, bridesmaids or an after rehearsal dinner event for your guests with a Jonas Gerard LIVE Painting Performance!
This improvisational painting performance is a sublimely inspirational experience. Jonas’ gestural energy and theatrical style of painting will mesmerize you as he spontaneously creates beautiful works inspired by music pulsating through the studio, out through the brush and onto the canvas. Captivated by the bold strokes of Jonas’ brush, the audience becomes a part of the energy and creative process, as the paint moves and flows to the beat of the music. Maximum capacity in the Studio is 100 people.

Looking for a colorful and creative venue for your wedding reception? The Jonas Gerard Fine Art Gallery, Studio and Bistro Area are also available for rent.  Ideal occupancy – approx. 110 buffet-style; approx. 60 formal sit-down, with space for musicians and dancing.

Contact:  Vanessa Bell
Jonas Gerard Fine Art
240 Clingman Avenue, Asheville
Ph:  828.350.7711 gallery-events/