Thursday, May 26, 2011

Edible Art

Celebrating? Make your event special with chocolates from The Chocolate Fetish. These luscious desserts are incredible works of art, appealing to the eyes and the palette. Hand-made especially for you by Chocolate Fetish' artisan chocolatiers, the cakes consist of a solid chocolate shell. The real fun begins when a hammer is ceremoniously produced and the cake is smashed into pieces. All the guests will revel in the destruction of such art because the cake is so delicious. To enhance the experience the cakes may be filled with chocolate confections or maybe even a gift.

Also, Elizabeth Foley, the daughter of the owners of the The Chocolate Fetish, is turning out edible high art these days.

Foley makes both large- and small-scale chocolate sculptures. The smaller pieces range from intricate boxes to lifelike flowers that can be made to match a bridal bouquet, making for unique wedding-cake toppers. Foley specializes in the most popular of the wedding flowers — orchids, roses and calla lilies, to name a few.

The larger sculptures that Foley makes are show-stoppers. One of her favorite designs — a piece that she made in celebration of The Chocolate Fetish's 25th anniversary — can be viewed in the Atrium of the Haywood Park Hotel.

To read more about Elizabeth Foley's work at The Chocolate Fetish, check out this Edible Art Mountain Express Article.

The Chocolate Fetish
specializes in custom arrangements for wedding parties too. Would you like to give your guests a token of your appreciation for attending your special day? Custom boxes of chocolate can be crafted for any occasion and be tailored to match the d├ęcor of your event.

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