Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bride raves about our Wedding Guide!

A great blog post from a Florida bride who found our Asheville wedding info through one of the magazine publications, ordered a wedding guide and she now has blogged about how wonderful she thinks we are! Here is the link to her blog and below is the actual post on her blog Luckiest Girl ever!
Asheville Destination Wedding Planning - Free Stuff ROCKS!
This is why I'm seriously in love with Asheville, North Carolina.

In the very first wedding magazine I bought, I saw an ad for It was a two page spread all about Asheville weddings and all the reasons Vince and I fell inlove with the town. This ad spoke to me, hell, it might as well have been written FOR me.

And it was a vanity URL which re-directs to the wedding section of

I'm super familiar with ExploreAsheville, since it was key to helping me plan our 5 year anniversary trip. So of course I went to the website, and saw the first free and most awesome item in helping plan an Asheville destination wedding: a big, red button to "Request a Free Wedding Planning Guide."

So, like any other woman who would like to plan her destination wedding in Asheville, I clicked the button and emailed a pretty, pretty please to whoever receives such requests. I figured one day I'd get something in the mail.
One week later, I got THIS:

Please excuse my "tired" look. I was really excited, I promise.

I was expecting a little brochure or maybe a small leaflet with the same information as the website, but this little book actually packs a punch and has LOTS of other venues and information that isn't included on the website.

It's 28 pages, full of quotes from other couples, photos of other weddings, and organized by B&B's, event facilities, hotels, beauty and spa, cakes, caterers, music, florists, and photographers. I dove in with an awesome precise V5 pen and went to town thinking I just got a big, FREE, leg-up with planning a destination wedding in Asheville.

And then, two days later, Kinsay from emailed me and asked if I needed any help finding hotel rates for our guests - a totally complimentary service if I just filled out a little form.

Again, I expected to get standard stuff from all the big chain hotels, nothing customized. But again, came through. The same afternoon Kinsay got my returned form (today, because I'm a slacker), I received two responses (holla!).

So if you're looking for information on planning a wedding in Asheville, North Carolina - get over to this site and send 'em an email. They make good on their promise and over deliver! Thank you, and Kinsay!

And to those of you who planned weddings elsewhere, did you get anything like this from, well, anyone? Or is this southern hospitality at its finest?

Either way - free stuff ROCKS! Especially free stuff that makes me less overwhelmed and less terrified of this whole process.

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