Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bride & Groom Get Married with Beer Vows

Forget "till death do us part." Personalized vows are going to a whole new level this year. Need proof? Check out these vows that compare a lifetime of marriage to brewing the perfect beer.

One-of-a-Kind Beer Vows
"Water is the essence of life, but when water is combined with grains, hops and yeast, the outcome is glorious beer. So too shall be the product of your union. It is an unselfish union between beer’s basic ingredients that makes the finished product truly magical."

The metaphor continues throughout the ceremony and (waxes poetic) as it warms the heart of any true beer lover.

A True Brewtopia
Love beer, but not ready to take the plunge with beer-infused vows? Consider having your wedding in Asheville, named Beer City USA in 2009 by Examiner.com. With 10 breweries, four annual beer festivals, and guided beer tour of the city, Asheville is the place for beer lovers to unite--with beer vows or without.

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