Thursday, February 25, 2010

Create Wedding Favors Asheville-Style

Looking to add some quirky fun to your wedding favors or wedding bar? Brides and grooms hosting their wedding in Asheville can jazz up their suds by creating personalized beer bottles.

Personalized Beer Labels for Weddings
Asheville Brewing just announced the ability to create personalized labels for 22-ounce beer bottles. Brews available for custom labeling include Shiva IPA, Ninja Porter, Houdini ESB, Rocket Girl Gold and Red Light IPA.

As long as the label doesn’t violate copyright laws, the sky is the limit for creativity. Cost is $90 for the first case of 12, 22-ounce beers and $45 per case thereafter.

Inspired by Beer?
It doesn’t have to stop with personalized beer in Asheville (home of Beer City USA). Check out how one Asheville bride incorporated Asheville’s brewing scene into her wedding rehearsal and after-party. Or go truly nuts and try out these beer-inspired vows.

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