Friday, February 12, 2010

More Asheville Wedding Stories

The stories of getting married in Asheville are as special and unique as the couple. Discover why Craig and Nathalie chose to say “I do” in Asheville.

How did you meet?
Craig and I met at an 80s bar in New York City. When I walked into the bar, I spotted Craig immediately. Craig has red hair, and I have always been attracted to redheads. We danced the night away and the rest is history! Craig proposed in February 2008.

Why did you select Asheville as your wedding destination?
I knew right from the start that I wanted to get married in Asheville, my hometown. Since Craig—and the majority of his friends and family—had never visited Biltmore before, we felt having our wedding on the grounds would be magical.

Sometimes living in an area, you become accustomed to your surroundings and take for granted the beautiful places and landmarks that are right in your backyard.

I felt this way about Biltmore. I grew up with it and never really imagined I would get married there. We were so excited with the thought of our guests experiencing the beauty of the Biltmore.

Where did you get married?
We chose to have our ceremony and reception at Biltmore’s Deerpark Restaurant. Traditionally, weddings at Deerpark Restaurant are in the courtyard, but we had our eye on the surrounding grounds.

Across from the restaurant’s entrance is a sloping field with a fence to separate it from a cow pasture. Biltmore had never hosted a wedding ceremony in the field, but they were up for the challenge!

Describe your romantic Asheville wedding.
Craig and I were married on June 13, 2009, almost three years from the day we met. What made our wedding so very unique and special to us were the people involved. Throughout the entire process, we were lucky to have family members and close friends to help make our wedding distinctively ours.

Deerpark Restaurant is already decorated year-round for Biltmore guests, so we didn’t have to add too much to the decor. I wanted to keep the ceremony site simple and in harmony with the outdoors.

My mother contacted Blossoms in Asheville for flowers. With their advice, she was able to pick out all the flowers and arrange them herself. She rented vases and designed all the tables at the reception.

She also made ceramic flower vases for the fence posts that separated the field from the pasture. After the wedding, each vase was then given to those who helped out with the wedding.

For the ceremony, my uncle made an arbor out of Mountain Laurel and Rhododendron branches from our families’ land in Black Mountain, NC. This was my uncle’s wedding present to me. It is a gift I will treasure forever and someday put in my garden.

Beyond the wedding, how did you and your guests enjoy the Asheville area?
My cousin Jonathan started a brewery in Asheville, Craggy Brewing Company. Jonathan brewed a special beer for our wedding called “Schubrew” (after my married name Schubert) which we served at our rehearsal and after-party.

The rehearsal dinner ended up being just as special as the reception. The rehearsal dinner was at the Farm Party Barn in Candler, NC with live music from a local bluegrass band, Brushfire Stankgrass, Asheville’s 12 Bones barbeque and local beer!

Were you happy with your Asheville wedding?
Biltmore was very supportive of our ideas and helped make it happen. One unique feature was the Black Angus cows grazing in the field behind the ceremony.

Biltmore agreed to place feed in the center of the field to entice the cows to graze there during the ceremony. They even let the cattle out to run down the field just as the ceremony ended.

All of the guests were in awe, including me. It was a beautiful and unique sight! So much love and care went into that day, making it the most wonderful and memorable day of my life!

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